California Dreamin’

WestEdge Design Fair | LA

November 22, 2023

While the title of this "diary entry" might have something to do with the fact that Jon and Meghan sleepwalked through this leg of their back-to-back, coast-to-coast tradeshow tour, it's mostly all about how Cali came correct by showin' the love that we were dreamin of. Marking our second spin at the WestEdge Design Fair in LA, the show once again served up a creative crew of exhibitors, as well as an adventerous mix of seasoned and fresh Flavor fans in both the residential and commercial worlds, who - if we can toot our own horn for a hot sec - were drinkin' the Kool-Aid of our latest and greatest designs. The lineup included a brand spanking new terracotta colorway of our classy yet sassy Los Angeles Toile (that will be up for grabs soon on our Quicky Sticky removable material), immersive water works, florals blooming with perennial appeal, hypnotic gemometrics, a gem that will soothe the senses, Warhol magic, and so much more. As always, the designs are intended to ignite conversation, inspire smiles and add intrigue to spaces. We think we nailed it, but you tell us...

In between show ponying (no complaints, we're always down to get down and, despite what they say, J+M fancy the spotlight), we took a trip to see our showroom partner peeps Walnut, who just moved into a spectacular spot that's flavored out with our Arbor Vitae, Enfumé and Motley Hue murals...not to mention an assortment of other styles on the boards and in books. The team over there rocks, and if you live in La-La-Land or find yourself stargazing through Larchmont Village we suggest you pop in. Tell Norinne we sent you!

Ok. Peace out, Cali. It has been a trip! 


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