Drink It Up!

Andra Hem | Philly

December 1, 2023

What’s tastier than a Flavor-filled bar boasting bomb beverages and the spirited stylings of Ghislaine Viñas? Nothing! Absolutely nothing. Case in point: Andra Hem, Philly’s hottest (and newish) watering hole, which serves up innovative, top-shelf craft cocktails that are stirred and shaken in a setting that is cooler than cool. And, we’re not just saying that because the spot is decked out in twists to our fanciful floral Kabloom design, both of which we customized in color and scale to suit the vibe. We’re talking walls and ceilings people…we’re workin them! Not only is A.H. worth waiting in line for - yep, there’s usually a line - but it’s also worthy of the accolades it has received from countless publications, including Interior Design magazine that is celebrating it / Ghislaine / Stokes Architecture + Design with a Best of Year Award honoree nod in its Bar | Lounge Project category. Cheers to all in the mix! Ok, now we’re craving a Nothing Beets A Dala Horse…and after you have one you will jones, too! Photo cred to our own Meghan Dockendorf, mostly because if the shots are a bit blurry (and you know her and her thing for tequila) then you'll know why. 


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