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The Textile Eye

August 28, 2023

Trends? They're not really our thing. Though, we do keep an eye out so we can dish out designs that cater to today's cravings while serving up staying power for tomorrow and beyond. One of the sources we belly up to for inspo is The Textile Eye, which dropped it's Fall Report that's all American Textile Design. Within the pages EIC Saana Baker tackles themes and color palettes such as Avant Garden, Sentimental Sampler, Traditional Remix, and Moody Blues and guess what? Yep, there's Flavor all up in each catagory...from Sway and Austin Toile, to Ikant to Barandilla (if the latter two are new names to you it's because they're hot outta the kitchen). Looks like we're trending, people

So, shake up a cocktail, scan the survey and score samples to really savor the magic!

Above is a lil taste of the Flavor you'll find inside. 


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