Money was an important subject matter to Andy Warhol. He began drawing and silk screening images of dollar bills in the 1960s and by the 1970s, Warhol’s focal point was on the nexus between art and commerce. During his career as a commercial illustrator and later a fine artist, the relation between money and his artwork continued to be a focus for Warhol. In 1981, he designed his series of Dollar Signs, which have since become some of his most iconic works. Flavor Paper pulled numerous versions of dollar signs drawn, painted and printed throughout Warhol’s career to create Money – a digitally printed 104” super wide repeat pattern on a Type II Chrome Mylar wallcovering with plenty of pop.

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  1. Money
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  1. Type II Chrome Mylar

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Digital patterns are made-to-order and are scheduled based on lead times on the date of your order, currently weeks until shipping. For lead time concerns, call before placing your order. As scheduling permits, we can accommodate rush jobs for a fee.

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Estimated Quantity accounts for a design’s repeat and match, as well as the wall dimensions you enter. That said, we recommend a professional installer to provide you with exact quantities required for your job and as such Flavor Paper is not liable for incorrect quantities. Our Hand screened wall papers come untrimmed. We print and package in triple rolls [45’ x 27”] whenever possible to minimize waste during installation. However, occasionally due to our high quality standards, your order may come packaged as singles, doubles or triples. If you require a triple roll due to the height of your wall, please contact us to confirm this is possible.

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Flavor Paper produces wallpaper by hand screened and digital printing, sometimes both for special projects.

All aspects of production are in-house, so we can maintain our exacting perfectionist standards. We use water based or eco-solvent inks to be as green as possible and only print on the finest materials. Flavor Paper quality is unsurpassed.

All Flavor Paper is produced to order, so you are free to interchange colors and grounds with handscreened wallpaper and can choose scale and colors for digital wallpaper. It’s your world. Get what you want.

Installation Guides

Wallpaper installation is a serious craft and takes many years of practice and experience to become a master hanger. Flavor Paper prints on some finicky materials with matches and layouts that can get confusing so, for the sake of your walls, we highly recommend using a professional installer.

You can find a qualified local wallpaper installer through the Wallcovering Installers Association.

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