Get The Look: Wall Decal Edition

House Beautiful

July 16, 2020

While Flavor Paper is known for creating conversational wallcoverings, we also design decals that pack a tasty punch…and deliver the look of a few of our popular patterns for less commitment and cash. Yep, we’re all about Flavor for all, y’all! And, so are our friends over at House Beautiful who served up our snackable Banana Scratch and Sniff and Dollar Signs stickers as an alternative for folks craving our B-A-N-A-N-A-S! and Money wallpapers. Or, for fans of funky wall decor who rent or can’t make up their mind on design. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s iconic screenprints, both styles are digitally printed on adhesive backed vinyl (Bananas - set of 7) and chrome Mylar (Dollar Signs - set of 8) for an easy up, easy down, and easy move around on any surface. And, they’re 45 bucks each. Not too shabby for a custom wallpapered look! However you roll, we appreciate projects both big and small. Just please send us shots of your space.

Living Room Photo Credit: Leslee Mitchell Photography


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