The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU Tisch

Brooklyn, NY


To know Flavor Paper is to know that we march to a different beat. And, fortunately that’s been a collaboration draw for many outstanding artists and institutions, like The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU Tisch (ReMu). Initially, the directors of the school reached out due to our work with Mike D of the Beastie Boys who were already donating their Oscilloscope studio. But, after a capabilities show and tell—plus FP founder and creative director Jon Sherman’s extensive knowledge of and background in the music biz—our mission to create a space that was highly functional yet boldly aesthetic, and that was far beyond all other studios and schools in existence was on! 

The scope of the project included 25 different installations of in-line and custom designs printed on wallpaper and acoustically transparent fabrics (yes, we do that, too, though this gig was a first for us) to keep the sound of the busy Brooklyn, NY streets below out of the mix. We flavored up hallways, hangout zones, viewing areas and corresponding live rooms and recording studios. From start to finish—with challenges such as crazy ceiling heights, new materials and multi-dimensional mural wraps to contend with and conquer—it took three years to bring the vision to life, which we mastered with the following handscreened and digital work:


Acoustic Fabric

A passion project for us for sure, we’re thrilled that the faculty and even the head of NYU are feelin’ the Flavor...going so far to say that all visitors are impressed with the space, layouts and views, but it’s the wallpaper that blows everyone away! To quote Nick Sansano, the Institute’s Associate Chair, its Director of Production Curriculum, and its Co-Director of the Musicianship and Performance Curriculum, “Thanks Flavor Paper for all that you have done for our department and facility.” You're welcome; it was an honor! We can’t wait to hear what the students have to say. Hopefully this showcase of some of our greatest hits will help inspire!    

Photography by Jon Sherman