Warhol Brooklyn Bridge

No Sleep Till Brooklyn was the anthem while creating this design as doing Warhol and our hometown proud was of paramount importance before we put this wallpaper to bed. In homage to the iconic work Warhol created in 1983 for the Brooklyn Centennial Commission to celebrate the Brooklyn Bridge’s 100th anniversary, this multi-color screenprint demonstrates his signature color-block technique as well as multi-layer runs of the subject to create a three-dimensional aesthetic. Like the man himself, Flavor Paper used a photo based printing process where an image of the bridge was exposed in a darkroom to the screen itself. And to bring it to life, our artists layered classic (and complementary) Warhol colors and utilized some flavorful materials to capture the opposing viewpoints by dividing the picture plane into a top and bottom half, creating two landscape compositions in one dynamic piece.

“Black is my favorite color and white is my favorite color.”

— Andy Warhol

Warhol Brooklyn Bridge Cutsheet

Select a Colorway and Ground

  1. Warhol Brooklyn Bridge
    Black and White
    on Clay Coated Paper - Mica

    Warm white with luster.  A clay-coated face with traditional paper backing.

  2. Warhol Brooklyn Bridge
    Crown Heights
    on Mylar - Silver

    Smooth matte metallic polyester face with a non-woven backing. Light reflective and will subtly pick up some colors from the surrounding room.

  3. Warhol Brooklyn Bridge
    on Mylar - Bright Gold

    Bright mirror-finish gold face with non-woven backing.

  4. Warhol Brooklyn Bridge
    Piet Primary
    on Mylar - Black

    High gloss bright black polyester face with non-woven backing.

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  2. Roll (27" × 15') $415 ea.

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Flavor Paper produces wallpaper by hand screened and digital printing, sometimes both for special projects. All aspects of production are in-house, so we can maintain our exacting perfectionist standards. We use water based or eco-solvent inks to be as green as possible and only print on the finest materials. Flavor Paper quality is unsurpassed. All Flavor Paper is produced to order, so you are free to interchange colors and grounds with handscreened wallpaper and can choose scale and colors for digital wallpaper. It’s your world. Get what you want.

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