Yes We Can-Can

Surface Area

March 8, 2022

For the better, everyday is ladies day up in here since the Flavor-verse is mostly ruled by women whose wit, creativity, passion, patience, strength, and general badassery make the magic happen from all aspects of our wild wallpaper world. We’re talking printing to partners, operations to design, and we can’t thank all enough, truly! But, today, on what is officially International Women’s Day, we’re raising our glasses extra high to our krewe because without them we wouldn’t be as inspired as we are to bake a second edition of our #Fempower collection – a mix of classy and sassy wallcoverings created exclusively by women in celebration of women. It’s super dynamic, diverse, and making its debut at “Woman Made,” an exhibit of female artists, designers, and makers at Surface magazine’s ‘Surface Area’ gallery in the Miami Design District. 

While most of the Fempower II goodness will drop in April and sprinkle throughout the year to keep the love rollin', we teamed up with S.A. to kick it off with Can-Can, a hypnotic, high-energy design by Brooklyn based artist Liz Collins that steals in the show in a zone dreamed up by the one-and-only Sasha Bikoff…and that features an incredible piece by Kara Walker so, ya, we’re in good company! While Can-Can comes in four crowd-pleasing colorways, we went with Menthe (a.k.a mint but Menthe is frenchy and sounds fancy) cause, well, it’s Miami after all and the fresh vibe just felt right. If you happen to be in The Magic City we highly recommend you make moves to the exhibition, which features more than 40 visionaries who push the boundaries of their respective mediums to reimagine the female role in contemporary art and society. We’re all about it! The space is also a shoppable showroom and runs until April 4. Bravo to our friends at Surface and all of those involved; we’re thrilled to be in the mix. Stay tuned for more Fempower flavors; you’ll dig’em. Cheers to all the ladies in the world who are doin’ the do to make it a better place. We’re screwed without you!!   


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