Hamptons Beach House

Bridgehampton, NY


While we might have a rep for creating off-the-wall wallpaper, we can bring the chill, too. Case in point: the beachside Bridgehampton retreat Sasha Bikoff designed for her mother that features a mix of our more mellow designs. While Sasha’s overall M.O. for the home was to instill a tropical energy that conjured a heady mix of the 1960s and Carnival, she was seeking some whoosah for bedrooms and scored with our Shimmer, Palm Glimpse, Tranquillo, and an off-menu mural of waves breaking — all seaside styles by FP collaborator and photographer Boone Speed. And, to continue the theme but kick it up a notch in a guest bathroom, she made a splash with our sassy yet classy handscreened Shore Leave pattern, which blends traditional nautical elements into a timeless homage to the sexy sailor look. It brings just the right amount of heat. Take a spin through the images to soak in the good vibes. If you see something you like—or if you have another calming yet compelling concept in mind—just give us a shout and we can chat about creating a custom look.