A Feast For The Eyes

Superfine Sweets Shoppe

April 4, 2022

How sweet it is when an assortment of our favorite Flavors end up on the menu for the super cool, Superfine Sweets Shoppe...in Bettonville, Arkansas! Whipped up by the sensory based art advisory and curatorial firm KIN, this delicious joint is designed to serve up Tokyo Drift vibes through saturated color, light and pattern plays. Check! And, according to the K krewe, working the walls with papers from our Warhol and scratch-and-sniff series were the first, must-have ingredients in the mix to bring the vision and experience to life -- and make it the most instagrammable space in the hood. From B-A-N-A-N-A-S! and Cherry Forever, to Marilyn's Lips and The Last Supper Mural (not to mention the variety of treats that we hear are pretty yummy, too) there's something for every taste in the space. We dig it; We dig it a lot! Feast your eyes on the vid below for an entertaining tour of the spot that's worth the indulgence if you're in town.      


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