BK Heights Designer Showhouse | 2022

Brooklyn, NY

We’re all about spreading love for our hood – after all, it’s the Brooklyn way! So, when friends behind the The Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse reached out with an op to team up with three of the dynamo designers, it was on! For KD Reid's sitting room, he wanted to create a guest book vibe so we went all in, wrapping the room (don’t forget the ceiling people!) with Eye Of The Beholder, which is a removable Flavor by Judith Supine that serves up an intriguing exploration of the human face in decoupage. Ya, we’re drinking our own Kool-Aid, but it looks pretty sweet! To help bring Circa 22 Design Studio’s whimsical garden lounge to life, our own Jon Sherman's fresh Arbor Vitae mural in a soft yet stunning pink ombre (a.k.a. Dawn) was planted front and center with elements of the design (birds, butterflies and more) flying about the space to really bring the outside in and, well, because why not. And, when it came to a bathroom by Antonio Deloatch Designs, paying tribute to Brooklyn was the name of the game, so to make a splash we got Biggie Smalls and all things that make up daily life in the borough up on the walls as repped in our notorious Brooklyn Toile. P.S. There ain’t no party like a bathroom party, and despite its size we definitely got down in there with a lot of peeps one night. Massive shout out to all of the designers, partners, the Brooklyn Heights Association and everyone else in the mix for yet another spectacular experience and for inviting us to be a part of it! See y'all at the 2024 house!