Andy Warhol - Banana Scratch & Sniff

The time is ripe to go bananas for these Andy Warhol-inspired decals! A tasty tribute to the iconic banana screenprint Warhol created in 1966 and that would later adorn the front cover of one of the most recognized and revered albums in rock and roll history, this bunch of seven 9 1/2” tall scratch & sniff stickers is digitally printed on adhesive backed scented vinyl for an easy up, easy down, and easy move around on any surface. Warhol loved to engage all of the senses, as he once said “Smell really is transporting.” So, feed your eye-candy cravings with Warhol’s original “peel and see” concept reimagined as “peel and sniff!!!!”

$45.00 ea.

Item Notes

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