Interior Design, September 2021

September 13, 2021

Best in Design - Residential: Artful Living

Awesome to see Mock Rock rockin' out on the walls of a midcentury Miami Beach bedroom designed by Antrobus Design Collective and featured in Interior Design's 'Best in Design' issue!! Created by the one and only Ghislaine Viñas, this digital graphic goodness (pictured poppin' behind the pair of yellow headboards) was inspired by a natural rock wall fireplace at Viñas’ own home in Pennsylvania, where she had it painted white to make the look more about the texture and less about the stone. Sitting in front of the fire one winter, she extracted the shapes and created a sketch for the design. Working with husband Jaime Viñas, Ghislaine manipulated the images to create the final wallpaper...and it's pretty hot if we (and ID) do say so. If black and white isn't your vibe it's also available in three other colorways with fresh Flavors rollin' out soon so stay tuned!        

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