Mock Rock

The original inspiration for a wallpaper collection started as Viñas began to think about building materials, how the textures could be simplified and made more graphic, and the juxtaposition of applying those materials to interior walls. “I simply love the idea of taking a wall texture and creating a tongue-in-cheek variation of it,” said Viñas.

Mock Rock was inspired by a natural rock wall fireplace, at Viñas’ own home in Pennsylvania, where she had the rocks painted white, making it more about the texture and less about the natural stone. Sitting in front of the fire one winter, she extracted the shapes and created a sketch for the design. Working with husband Jaime Viñas, Ghislaine manipulated the images to create the final wallpaper design.

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  1. Terralon

    Type II Commercial, Eco-friendly (LEED accredited, PVC & POA-free, 31% recycled material content, recyclable, highly breathable) 54” wide wallcovering with a lightly textured matte surface. Class A fire rating. Printed with water-based, odorless, Greenguard certified latex inks.

    $11.00 per SF
  2. Nolar

    Economical, lightweight, Eco-friendly (PVC-free, recyclable, breathable, FSC sourced) 54” wide wallcovering with a smooth matte surface. Class A fire rating. Slightly transparent, so walls should be primed white prior to installation. Printed with water-based, odorless, Greenguard certified latex inks.

    $9.00 per SF

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Flavor Paper produces wallpaper by hand screened and digital printing, sometimes both for special projects.

All aspects of production are in-house, so we can maintain our exacting perfectionist standards. We use water based or eco-solvent inks to be as green as possible and only print on the finest materials. Flavor Paper quality is unsurpassed.

All Flavor Paper is produced to order, so you are free to interchange colors and grounds with handscreened wallpaper and can choose scale and colors for digital wallpaper. It’s your world. Get what you want.

Installation Guides

Wallpaper installation is a serious craft and takes many years of practice and experience to become a master hanger. Flavor Paper prints on some finicky materials with matches and layouts that can get confusing so, for the sake of your walls, we highly recommend using a professional installer.

You can find a qualified local wallpaper installer through the Wallcovering Installers Association.

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