TOM House

Los Angeles, CA

Bathrooms are meant to be steamy…especially at TOM House! So, when the Foundation was making moves to liven-up a modest salle de bains it’s only fitting that they manscaped it in our Tom of Finland XXX wallpaper that we collaborated on along with Michael Reynolds and Hoffman Creative. The seriously salacious design—which is a tribute to the stylized homoerotic art of Touko Laaksonen (aka Tom of Finland)—brings the heat with cops, cowboys, lumberjacks, leather men, and more celebrating masculinity and sexual liberation. Go boys! While the pattern itself delivered on the desired sexy vibes, to further offset the space’s traditional style with an ultra-modern splash, as well as capture as much light from the single window, we went for a reflective Chrome Mylar material that always does the trick. Sprinkle in some erotic sculptures and voila, you got yourself one bold yet tasteful bathroom that we know Tom would be proud of.

If the Chrome is too much look for you (these are clearly black and white photos so you can see it in all its glory here) we offer the design in additional colorways and in a less provocative TAME version. And, for you renters, commitment phobes and general DIY enthusiasts, we sell both XXX and TAME as EZ Papes, which is a self-installable, pre-pasted and water-activated wallpaper for an easy up, easy down. We’re here for whatever floats your boat…get some!  

Styling by Michael Reynolds | Photography by Sam Frost