SLS Hotel

Miami, FL


We work with some cool clients and collaborators! And, on occasion, they’re not mutually exclusive. Project in point: When our friend Lenny Kravitz and his krewe at Kravitz Design were tapped to trick out two penthouses for the SLS South Beach and hit us up to make the walls and ceilings sing. The desired vibe for both the Villa and Tower suites was sexy and sophisticated - makes sense, it is Miami after all. So, they looked to a few of our Flavors, including our co-designed Feroz in a mirrored and metallic Ore colorway to make a splash in the bathrooms; Tunnel Vision in Coffee Bean to add some mesmerizing motion to the lounge zone ceiling (they also bedecked a bedroom at Paramount Bay in this pattern); a custom Kabloom in lustrous, rocklike hues to liven and lighten up architectural lighting elements; and, keeping on the custom tip, we cooked up a version of Celestial Dragon that features the hotel’s playful primate iconography (aptly called Celestial Monkeys) to infuse depth and our signature element of discovery. While we’re naturally all about the paper, we gotta give it up for the complete package, which sets the perfect tone for a damn good time…trust us!