Motor Lodge at Montclair Art Museum

Montclair, NJ


The Montclair Art Museum approached Dan Funderburgh to design a one of a kind installation for their very tall, long, and narrow staircase they found they right man for the job. Dan created an amazing design that intertwined the musuem’s dual themes of Native Americans and automobiles into a mashup entitled Motor Lodge. It’s a brilliant display of Dan’s uncanny ability to connect themes with insight, understanding and humor. You can stare at it for days and still discover new twists and ingenious patterns – we did while making it. You can watch Dan and Jon weeding here. We decided to make it out of our temporary vinyl so that it would be easily removed from the museum’s walls, but still be viable for the 3-5 year length of the exhibition. The main elements of the design are flat black, but wherever glass, mirror or plastic were involved we used reflective license plate material to get the brilliant reflections. Tremendous.