The Maker Hotel

Hudson, NY


We get it; our in-line Flavors may not be a fit for all projects. So, when we opened up shop in 2003, we placed a premium on helping clients realize unique environments that complement their vibe with designs 100% seasoned to their taste...including The Maker hotel in Hudson, NY, which we recently teamed up with to produce bespoke wallcoverings to bring its old-world bohemian glamour aesthetic to life. When we were approached by co-founders Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg of global beauty brand Fresh to produce wallpapers they created, we were immediately game as the gig was right up our alley. And, not only due to our personal connection to upstate NY — Flavor founder and creative director Jon Sherman has a home nearby, and FP krewe members live or have lived there as well — but because its design ethos, like ours, is all about celebrating artistisans, craftsmanship and sustainability. We also knew we had the answer to their ask on how to impart texture, depth of color and light to their patterns: our Pearl Linen Vinyl, which has a fabric-like look yet is as durable as can be for hospitality applications. The result (well, just take a look as it speaks for itself): richly dynamic, vintage-inspired digital prints that work the walls in the guest rooms and common spaces, including its stunning Saloon. Magic! But, we’re not done yet as we’re currently collaborating on wallpapers for the hotel’s gym, which will honor the legacy of gymnasiums with a modern twist. As we do. Stay tuned. And, absolutely check in to or check out The Maker when in Hudson; it’s worth the trip!