Looking for wallpaper that’s 100% seasoned to your taste? We’re down to design that!

The Flavor Paper team are like the James Beard award winners of bespoke wallpaper design. We have the expertise and passion for meticulously translating individual cravings into one-of-a-kind artworks that seamlessly fit and enhance one’s living or work environment. Our tried-and-true approach: mise en place style to make sure all of the components are perfectly suited to your palate before we really get cooking. Along the way, our creative director and artists will advise and guide you through the creative process to ensure that the project is a success from start to final realized art.

Here’s how we’ll approach this exclusive level of customization:

First: Let’s jump on the phone! Old school is the best school when it comes to collaborating as it’s difficult to translate the vision via email…and we want to make sure we see and feel the concept clearly. So, let us speak visually with you.

Second: We’ll establish the emotional vibe you’d like to inject into the space. What do you want to feel? What experience do you want guests to have? Whether that’s cheer, comfort or contemplation we’ll happily cater to it! We’ll also discuss the decor style of the room, such as color, finishes, flooring, furniture, etc…wallpaper is just a piece of the pie. If you’re still uncertain on all of the bells and whistles we’re happy to consult on these components to ensure that every element makes sense collectively.

Third: Now that we’ve identified the overall picture of the room we can dig into the design specifics. We’ll first determine what printing method (handscreened or digital) is best to ensure that your vision is being brought to life on a substrate that offers the best durability for the space in which it will be placed. Our materials menu is quite expansive with 50 in-house options so we have your needs covered. Though, we can also get creative with a ground that’s not in our main line should the situation require something special. Then the real flavor factors in—ink colors and any fun effects (glitter, scents, black light optics, you name it) you’re looking to achieve.

Fourth: Once the concept is hard boiled we’ll build out a path to success, including timelines and creative reviews—both verbal and visual by providing images, swatches and/or strike-offs for review along the way—to help keep costs and concerns at a minimum. We want you to see it, love it, green light it before we hit go. Then, voila…your bespoke Flavor will be brought to life!!

We’re excited to help you realize the wallpaper of your dreams! To get the collaboration started please email [email protected] and we’ll be in touch soon to schedule a creative kickoff call!