Kingston Design Connection Showhouse

Kingston, NY


This fall Flavor founder and creative director, Jon Sherman, was busy doing the Brooklyn / upstate NY shuffle for the annual Kingston Design Connection Showhouse as a board member and first time featured designer. His mission (besides making sure the coffee was constantly flowing): create a family-friendly landing area for the large Griffin gang that was full of whimsy, wow-factor and, well, wallpaper. While the space’s unique shape and very, very, very low ceilings presented many challenges, it also provided a wonderful opportunity to engage and rethink the way wallcoverings and furnishings can enhance a room. Our Elysian Fields pattern by Dan Funderburgh was immediately selected to suit the family’s vibe, but was given a fresh metallic twist for extra oomph. As a tribute to the Griffin’s name and heritage, Jon also worked his magic to develop a mural of a giant historic etching mashup that incorporates the family’s crest. And, because you can never have too much Flavor in one place, we custom created and donated a more tranquil translation of our crowd-pleasing Camellias mural (now available in Soft Light) by Evan Paul English for the celing of the dining room beautifully composed by local firm Ana Claudia Interior Design. At the end of the day, the experience was anything but “upstate and chill,” but like anything worth doing and doing right, the hustle and happiness felt by the Griffins made it well worth it.