De Witte Lelie Hotel

Antwerp, Belgium


When you’re working with 17th-century architecture and your vision for the interior is focused on infusing a modern mix of decadence and eccentricity, it’s imperative to team up with someone who knows how to flip tradition on its head. And, that’s what the folks behind Antwerp’s hip De Witte Lelie did, partnering with noted Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt to bring the hotel’s trio of gabled white townhouses into today…with a little help from his likeminded friends at Flavor Paper, of course. Riffing off of the boutique getaway’s name, which means 'the White Lily,' Axel washed away white and amped up the volume on color, texture and cool contemporary edge through art, furnishings, surfaces, and standout wallpaper. Honing in on the latter, he went wild for an assortment of our handscreened designs that deliver on sophisticated, sexy and smile-inducing style to nail the desired wow factor — mission accomplished. The papers working the walls in 7out of 11 guest rooms, as well as the café and common areas, include: Ali, Bubbly, Citrus, Flower of Love, Laced, Luxury, Marilyn Monoprint, Mustachio, and Sakura. The majority of the chosen colorways are in-line creations, but we did cook up a few custom colors and played around with some on mirrored Mylar grounds to help add light and depth to smaller spaces. We’re all about you savoring the Flavor however you like! Take a spin through the images for a better taste of this beguiling Belgium retreat, and should you ever find yourself in Antwerp you know exactly where to crash.