Sloomoo Institute

New York, NY


Slime, when not smashed into the furniture, can do good…like inspire the custom wallpapers we designed for the immersive New York-based slime pop-up, Sloomoo, to enhance the experience and extend the product to the wall. Initially the mission was to create one ombre wallcovering, but we felt it would be much more interesting to incorporate slime as the main aspect of the imagery and develop wallpaper based on the real deal. To create the “Cirrusly Slimy” ombre wallpaper that wraps the space and really envelops you, we tested a number of slime varieties to determine which would give us the right effect, as well as the stability to shoot it and build a design. Once we locked in on the Cloud slime we chose colors, shot all of the layers both individually and together to get a nice smooth gradient, and at different stages of change. This required 10 different slimers working the material in a timed slime ballet so that each layer landed in a similar phase of use and rest. Tests were then printed; we chose the best image of each color and then built out a floor-to-ceiling ombre. Voila: first ever slime wallpaper magic!

The result was so dynamic that we also created an oozy blinged-out clear slime paper for the front Kitchen, as well as funked up two of our in-line Flavors — Rock Candy (Slimey Mirrors zone) and Starglint (The Cave zone) — with some Day-Glo ink and holographic material magic to further engage visitors and emphasize the possibilities of the medium when approached with total creative freedom.

Like Sloomoo, Flavor Paper is all about pushing the innovation envelope to realize work that stir the senses. It was exciting to collaborate with the pop-up to reimagine what slime could be. And, if you have your eye on any of these wallpaper designs please give us a shout and we’ll make it happen for you! In addition to its NY location at 475 Broadway, Sloomoo is open in Atlanta and Chicago with more spots in the works. If you haven’t experienced the sliminess we highly recommend you do and let us know what you think!