Virtual Flavors to Spice Up Zoom Life

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May 17, 2020

Not wearing pants while Zooming is one thing—we’ve done it and we’re not ashamed—but to have boring white walls as your background is another. So, to help you spice up your virtual game, and take the stress out of styling your WFH, happy hour from home, whatever you’re doing from home space, we rolled out 12 free and tasty downloadable backdrops! To know us is to know that the assorted Flavors are quite conversational. But, they’re all safe for work and there are some youthful designs up in the mix for that homeschool life.

On The Menu:

As You Wish – by Katie Stout
Brooklyn Bridge Wall – by Boone Speed w/ fresh tag by FADE
Crowd – by Flavor Paper/Andy Warhol
• Ice Cave (custom) – by Boone Speed
Enfumé w/ special effects – by Jon Sherman/Flavor Paper
Flowers – by Flavor Paper/Andy Warhol
Mount Hood – by Boone Speed
Musical Mandala – by Jon Sherman/Flavor Paper
Permanent Sunset – by Liz Collins
Sharp Descent – by Dan Funderburgh
Starglint (custom) – by Josh Minnie
Waynetopia –by Wayne White

Click here to score and add some Flavor to your world!

P.S. Here’s how to hook yourself up on Zoom: Preferences > Virtual Background > Click the + > Add Image > Select the photo from your downloads (or wherever they land on your system) > Feel the Flavor


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