Frankly, My Dear…

Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMoCA)

July 26, 2021

We give a damn about Natalie Gwen Frank’s fantastic exhibit at MMoCA and you should, too!! Titled Natalie Frank: Unbound, this is the first survey of the Brooklyn based multi-media artist’s drawings — that are inspired by a few famous and controversial literary stories — and many cool collaborations, including our “Power, My Dear” wallpaper. Yep, we’re up in the mix and feel honored. And, if we're keepin' it real and being slightly bragadocious, Natalie noted that the paper made the show. Excellent! But, enough about us and back to the main event, which draws on sexuality, gender, identity, and influence as explored in the tomes ‘Tales of the Brothers Grimm,’ ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,’ ‘Story of O,' and ‘Madame d’Aulnoy’s,’ the lady of the hour says: “Fairy tales captivated me because many began as women’s oral tales that articulated female desires and fears. Yet over time their authorship was erased and their voices neutered. I restore the identities of these overlooked female artists and transform their stories to create contemporary, paradigm-breaking female heroines.” And, she did it as only Natalie can. Bravo! Definitely swing by MMoCA if you’re in Madison between now and October 3, 2021; it’s a very meaningful show. Also, be sure to check out the wallcovering we created with her…and add some dynamic Flavor to your world!        


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