Jen Stark - Space Melt

No, you’re not hallucinating; Jen Stark’s art is out of this world! To bring her mind-bending visions to life, the Los Angeles based multi-media artist refines complex math and science concepts into approachable and immersive works that tantalize the senses. When she layers in her signature psychedelic color palette, the visual ride is made even more mesmerizing, teetering on the edge of optical seduction and perceptual engagement. While Stark’s abstractions have graced galleries, museums and public environments globally, Flavor Paper has teamed up with the virtuoso to introduce a fresh take on her distinguished drips and geometric shapes in the form of wall decals so you can readily relish in her ecosphere of enchantment…with your own twist, of course!

Each set of Space Melt decals contains various sized Drips (6) and Space Junk (19) on PVC-free, adhesive backed, easy install/removable “Quicky Sticky” material to cover up to 24 square-feet. What’s more (cause there’s always more): While Space Melt is clearly cool on its own, it can be mixed with Stark’s Cosmic Drip assortment for extra feel-good vibes, too. 

To apply the decals, all you have to do is:
1. Pour a beverage and put on some tunes
2. Make sure your wall(s) is clean
3. Cut out the shapes and map them on the wall with painter’s tape
4. Remove the adhesive backing and stick’em up
5. Move them around until you’re feelin’ the vibe
6. Enjoy!

P.S. We also worked with Jen to create Cascade, an abstract wallpaper that pops with kaleidoscopic colors on a light-reflective gold Mylar, and we highly suggest you check it out!

***Please note that these tasty Wall Decals are made to order and will ship within 3 weeks.


$325.00 ea.

Item Notes

Please provide any extra design and/or project info you’d like us to know about!

Flavor Lids and Warhol Scratch + Sniff Stickers are filled from stock and will ship within 5 business days. Jen Stark Wall Decals are made to order and will ship within 2 weeks.