Hot Pink and Black Flexfit

Let’s face it: most of our domes are looking like disasters. So, do yourself and everyone else a solid and get up on our fresh Flavor Lids. Embroidered in Cali, this acrylic and wool hat pops with our tasty tag on the front and “Flavor Paper” on the flip. And similar to our wallpaper, this baseball cap isn’t like your grandmother’s (not that she wasn’t cool) since the brim is flat…though it can bend a bit if that’s more your vibe. Welcome to the krewe!

P.S. That’s our Flowers wallpaper workin’ the background.

$35.00 ea.

Wall Decals can usually be filled from stock, and if so, will ship within 5 business days. Otherwise, they will be made-to-order with a lead time of 2 to 3 weeks until shipping.