January 31, 2008

Suite Life : In Living Color

*“If this suite doesn’t help you seal the deal, nothing will.”

Planet Hollywood’s $10,000-a-night VIP Mega Suites have been swankified by Jonathan Adler into “funky apartments” full of fantasy and glamour featuring Flavor Paper’s Highway 66 to achieve the “wow factor”.

“The first thing that grabs your attention upon entering is the wallpaper – an op-art explosion of metallic silver and shades of grey that runs the length of the main hallway.” The overall decor is described as “a melange of mid-century modern, disco sizzle and high-gloss glamour with color by Deluxe.”

When asked, “Where did you find that silver wallpaper? It’s genius!” Adler’s response was “I always have a few tricks up my sleeve.”

Now you have the magician’s secret. Use it.

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