Screen Printing, October/November 2019

October 1, 2019

Understanding the Interior D├ęcor Market: Screen Printing vs. Wide-Format Digital

Big thanks to the Screen Printing magazine team for sitting down with FP founder + creative director, Jon Sherman, to talk shop—such as the current client and industry demand, the benefits of screen vs digital printing, and why we offer both—for its October / November Q+A feature. And, for spotlighting our Fracture mega mural on the issue’s COVER!! In addition to that design the story is generously peppered with many handscreened and digital Flavors, including: Sparklepuss, Shoes, Camellias, As You Wish, Mirage, Supercell, Glitter Galaxy, Cannabliss, Inbetween, and Ladies. All of the eye-candy is worth the look!

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