NYC&G, March/April 2023

March 14, 2023

Sweeping Success

Don't forget to Flavor up! Not only are those tasty words to live by, but also a dynamic move made by interior designer Tami Wassong for her client's cool new Larchmont, NY abode. Case in point: the dining room that features an appetitzing application of Camellias in Soft Light on the ceiling! According to Wassong, "The paper has a painterly aesthetic that elevates the feel like you're in an English garden." Yep. Love it! And because more is always more when it comes to wallpaper, the family also drank our Kool-Aid for the bar zone in their den, dressing it up with our handmade Nouveau Riche pattern, which they also happened to have in their previous Brooklyn home. Big love to Wassong and this fun fam, as well as our friends at NYC&G!! 

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