Los Angeles Magazine, September 2023

September 1, 2023

Red Alert!

When it comes to fashion shoots we're often asked to add some Flavor to the mix because, well, our styles serve as excellent accessories to help elevate a vibe. We are flattred. In this case however, we were already on the scene since the cover story for Los Angeles Mag featuring pop star Hayley Williams (a.k.a Paramore) rockin fall's firey looks took place at The Bellwether - LA's hottest live music venue that happens to be a client of ours, and the folks behind it our friends. If you can take your eyes off Hayley for one sec you'll see our Gold, Fool (pic #1) and About Face (pic #2) adding some bling to the background. Cheers to all for the love, including photographer Elisabeth Caren for making us look so good! 

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