Interior Design, Spring Market Tabloid 2023

July 1, 2023

Fabric & Wallcovering: Life Drawing

We swear we didn't sway the Interior Design mag editors by dishing out anything other than Shyama Golden's great new design...Sway. I mean, we're biased yes, but have a look -- of course the new Fempower Flavor moved the ID team to feature it in its celebrated Spring Market Tabloid issue, specifically in the "Life Drawing" wallcovering category. Like the article says of the spotlighted styles, "Figures and faces adorn walls with grace," and Shyama's serene yet spriited paper will do just that, we promise. Take her for a spin will ya?  

P.S. If you're vibing with Sway, checkout About Face, which is another crowd-pleasing design we dreamed up with the artist. 

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