Dwell 9.09

August 31, 2009

Apartments We Love

When Dwell Magazine went searching for their favorite city apartments, they were obviously going to find at least one prime example in Brooklyn. They did – the Abbink Residence in Park Slope, curated by the owners who are minimalist, art collecting graphic designers. Flavor Paper’s Ziggy Diamond in White Magic figures prominently, and cleanly, into multiple rooms. The living room features the paper behind the sofa while the office/dining room uses Ziggy as a backdrop for a surrealist art piece by Erle Loran. Notice the extra light they are given by the windows reflecting off the silver Mylar. Well done Abbinks.
Hopefully, they’ll have us over for coffee now that we’re neighbors.
The other image is from the front of this issue of Dwell where they used Chinatown Toile as a backdrop for their article on sleeper sofas. Thanks for the love Dwell!