Big Picture, April 2020

April 1, 2020

Best of Wide Format Awards

Hey, thanks for the love Big Picture! We’re honored to be recognized by (and take home hardware from) the digital wide-format focused magazine for our collaboration with Flutter, the 2019 interactive, multi-media art exhibit in Los Angeles. To help make the immersive magic happen we teamed up with many of the featured contemporary artists—Cyril Lancelin, Elise Peterson, Leah Guadagnoli, Liz Collins, Katie Stout, and Saya Woolfalk—to custom create wild wallpapers that flip tradition on its head. Incorporating invisible inks, scratch and sniff scents, textured and reflective materials, we really went for it to help reimagine their spaces into innovative, multi-sensory experiences. We also flavored up the rest of the pop-up with fresh designs from Boone Speed and Flavor Paper’s own Jon Sherman, as well as a few from our Wild Life collection.

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