Wythe Hotel

Brooklyn, NY


The Wythe Hotel is a brilliant pairing of some of Brooklyn’s finest. From real estate developers to builders to restauranteurs, the conceptualizers of this hot spot all understand artistry and design and brought in great talent to add the final bits of pizazz. When their Williamsburg-centric aesthetic required an illustrator Dan Funderburgh was the perfect match and Flavor Paper the ideal bespoke wallpaper printer. After intensive reviews of the building’s history Dan created three custom designs based on it’s previous lives as a cooperage, rope manufacturing plant and finally a dilapidated skater and bmxer favored warehouse. Each is done in a unique style, but all were printed in the same colorway and are split up between the 72 hotel rooms. You can purchase the delicate yet grimy Wythe Toile here. If you’re interested in Cooperage or Cordage you will need to contact us directly.