W Hotel

Seattle, WA


Jeff Kovel and Skylab Architecture were hired to redesign the lobby of the Seattle W and decided that one corner needed some serious help to make it more interesting. Jeff reached out to Jon Sherman to see if he had finished a pet project making wallpaper out of his record collection. The answer was no, but that’s when Jon began to take it seriously and proceeded to shoot select groups of curated records making sure the colors, artists and graphics were balanced while making sure there was the ability to make them lean and gather in different amalgamations to keep things interesting. There are jazz, soul, funk, blues, go go, New Orleans, hip hop and Seattle sections so there is something for everyone. The size and color of the window mullions were matched and shelves were created digitally to replicate the built casings and blend in the record shelves. Now these are no ordinary records, these are giants of the music biz – 7’ high in order to create 22’ high stacks. The effect is staggering and you feel like you have entered an Alice in Wonderland scene but with Alice in Chains as the host. Dope.

*Wax Stacks is available for purchase as custom curated and scaled wallpaper, but you will need to hit us up in order to make it happen due to the unique nature of this beast.