NY Design Week

New York City

Flavor Paper was everywhere during NY Design Week this year – ICFF, 1:1 Piero Lissoni Exhibition, Wanted Design: Industry City, Brooklyn Designs open studios and Sight Unseen! Not that we haven’t been in the past as this batch of shots shows some of the installations we have been part of through the past few years of Design Week here in NYC.

The Flavor Paper ICFF 2013 booth was well received by thousands who appreciated all of the new patterns and the blacklight peekaboo zone – the site of many photo booth opportunities.

The 57th Street Bergdorf Goodman windows were decked out in Cuben and Cubenisimo and were stopping traffic day and night. See more pics here.

Custom colored City of Light was chosen for the ICFF Cafe walls.

Brooklyn Toile was added to the Destination:NYC MoMA Store.

DFC’s Love Monkey was printed in two different colors on our pre-pasted digital material and helped their ICFF booth wow all.

Watermark used DUMBO Wall to add the Brooklyn grime that helped their beautiful fixtures shine.

And, finally, Flavor Paper was featured on CBS Sunday Morning’s annual design show as the go to wallpaper brand.

No wonder we’re tired!