MAD: NYC Makers 100

New York, NY


In July 2014, the Museum of Arts and Design inaugurated NYC Makers: The MAD Biennial, an exhibition that showcased the work of 100 makers—highly inventive artisans, artists, and designers who create objects or environments through exquisite workmanship and skill. NYC Makers presented a sweeping cross-section of the cultural production of these inventive individuals, living and working within a single city. Makers were nominated by a pool of over 300 New York City-based cultural leaders and civic figures from a range of trades and disciplines, including museum curators, choreographers, academics, chefs, musicians, and journalists, with final participants selected by a jury led by Glenn Adamson and exhibition curator Jake Yuzna. From world-renowned cultural leaders to emergent enfants terribles, every maker selected demonstrates the highest level of skill in their respective field, whether by fabricating furniture or fashion; creating artworks, films, and architecture; inventing new possibilities for food; or reshaping educational and social gatherings.

Flavor Paper was honored to be amongst those chosen to rep NYC’s top makers and were lucky enough to be given several platforms to showcase our work. For the Community Garden space we took our complicated Vigilant Floral digital wallpaper pattern by Dan Funderburgh and turned it into a layered 3 screen hand print with spectacular results. As a more interesting and challenging project, Flavor Paper was teamed up with Carlos Benaim, who created a custom series of scents that built into the scent of creativity, and Jesse Hlebo, who designed the graphics, to make a four story scratch & sniff wallpaper experience that evolved as you went further up the stairs. Pretty wild!

Subsequently, MAD included the DFC designed Love Monkey in their Latin American focused New Territories Exhibition in October 2014.