Miami, FL

JugoFresh is a Miami based cold pressed juice company that makes the tastiest, healthiest and best named smoothies and juices on the planet. They also clearly have great taste as they have used Flavor Paper in several areas of their stores and production facility.

The new Wynwood Walls location is in the heart of the art district of Miami and ground zero for Art Basel. In order to make this location fit in the hood, a popping green entry space with geometric painted floors and ceilings lead you to the counter which is surrounded by Mossy Fields Warhol Camouflage. Pews in the seating area give you a hint that the kitchen is home to a Last Supper mural with flanking hand screened Last Supper, all in Orchard. This juice is a religious experience!

Health craving humans are greeted at the door in Sunset Harbor by Boone Speed’s fantastic Leap of Faith printed on eco-friendly Terralon. After your amazing beverage you might stroll down the hallway with it’s reclaimed barn board frame featuring Rio Crocodillo in custom graphite on chrome and then dead end into a sliver of Waves of Grain. Open the door and you find Celestial Dragon in custom black dragons, silver torn screen and red torn plaid on chrome gracing the bathroom.

The production facility includes a state of the art kitchen, offices and conference rooms, many of which are Flavored up to help ensure only the freshest of products will emerge.

Now do yourself a favor and buy an El Gringo green juice and an Acai Bowl!