Chinatown Soccer Club

Vienna, Austria

The Chinatown Soccer Club is a crew of artists, photographers, designers, writers, skateboarders and all-around good people that meets year-round for friendly soccer matches in New York City’s Chinatown. To celebrate the release of their debut footwear collaboration with Adidas, the CSC created a clubhouse in central Vienna, Austria to showcase the club’s history and positive brand of soccer during the 2008 European Cup.

The clubhouse was built to resemble a traditional soccer pub and one of the primary focal points is a 55’ long wall which obviously needed some pizazz a la CSC. The answer was a custom Flavor Paper designed by Dan “The Danimal” Funderburgh – the Chinatown Toile, a clever, and accurate, portrayal of life in Chinatown through the eyes of a soccer player.

The official version is a soft red on matte white clay coated paper representing the host countries, the CSC and China all in one, but we will print it in any color. Score!