Brno Echo International Biennial of Graphic Design

Prazak Palace, Moravian Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic

Brno Echo was a multi-media design exhibition created by Abbott Miller of Pentagram for the 23rd BIBGD, one of Europe’s earliest design biennials, established in 1963. The exhibition was held in 2008 in the second largest art museum in the Czech Republic.

The original Brno Biennial logo features concentric lines making up a letter “B” which served as a starting point for the exhibition. Brno Echo uses the visual motif of concentric lines within various media to reveal graphic echoes resonating between past and present. The exhibition staged walls pulsating with concentric lines encircling and framing the objects on display.

Flavor Paper’s Circuit, Cycloid, Ribbon Candy, and Ziggy Diamond were selected by Abbott Miller as ideal examples of Brno Echo’s concentric lines that frame, re-formulate, demarcate, decorate, and emphasize. Flavor Paper was extremely proud to be the only American company to participate in such a significant and well presented visual argument for understanding design as a cosmopolitan practice, one that unifies different cultures and periods.