Artipelag “The Legacy of Andy Warhol”

Stockhom, Sweden

Artipelag is a gorgeous destination for art, culture, design and good food, beautifully set in the Stockholm archipelago by Björn Jakobson, founder of the “BabyBjörn”. Atipelag’s “The Legacy of Andy Warhol” exhibition, 4.15 – 9.25.2016, features a unique look into the commercialization of Warhol’s trademark and imagery. Our partner, the Andy Warhol Foundation guards and manages the licence rights to Warhol’s works with an iron fist, applying a fiercely restrictive policy on use, with a focus on product development and creativity. Therefore, the exhibition highlights a few product categories that have been launched on the market in recent years, including stollers (Bugaboo – one with our Globetrotter), hats (Philip Treacy), clothing (WESC), sports goods (Burton), cosmetics (Nars) and wallpaper (Flavor Paper). This is a multifaceted product range that can be found in any department store, and its focus on youth culture seems like a logical sequel to Warhol’s own interest in pop culture. Andy Warhol would probably brush away any objections to this commercialism, especially since the profits will go to young artists through organisations in the American arts sector.”

These installation images from Artipelag show how they creatively used Flowers in Carolina, Miami Spice and Suave and Selfie throughout the exhibition.