Swap It Out

If you’re wild about one (or more) of our wallcoverings but want to give it a twist we can satisfy your appetite.

In fact, it’s pretty easy. Our expert design team will work with you to create the fresh Flavor you crave by substituting any of our handscreened or digital artwork ingredients, like ink and ground colors, as well as the material on which they’re printed to ensure optimal durability factor for the residential or commercial space in which it’s being displayed. We have over 250 inks—ranging from super saturated and transparent, to Day-Glo and glitter, not to mention scented—and 50-plus substrates to choose from. And, if your favorite color isn’t in our palette, our master mixologists are happy to create a custom hue by matching any Pantone or major paint company swatches with precision. Consider the Flavor Paper world your oyster, as we’re here to help you hone in on and realize your vision. Each of our production methods does come with their own menu of options to choose from, so let’s dig in:

Handscreened Patterns – Interchanging in-house ink colors and ground options are no prob, nor is incorporating custom hues, which we can also develop from from just about anything—rocks, antique carpets, your favorite vintage band T-shirt…you name it. We can even achieve all kinds of effects, like metallic, glitter and black-light ink. Just tell us what you’re thinking.

Digital Designs – Consider all of the above options on the table. P.S. We also offer metallic digital grounds so have at it if that’s the vibe you’re going for. However, a bonus with digital prints is that we can play around with shading to achieve your desired effect, and when it comes to murals we can adjust the scale to ensure that the artwork fits right and tight in your space. This process is a little more involved and will require a deeper conversation, so let’s talk!

Regardless of how you wish to funk up the Flavor we can provide a mockup for digital designs, and are happy to create a digital printed proof or handscreened strike-off upon request. If you’re feeling this level of customization, let’s collaborate! Please email [email protected] to get the conversation started.