BYOD (Bring Your Own Design)

Have the ingredients for a wallcovering but need help baking it? Just BYOD and we’ll whip it into reality.

Even though Flavor Paper has over 200 wallcoverings on the menu, we understand that they might not be your cup of tea for a particular project. All good; let’s create something that is! To bring your vision to the wall all we require are files of your artwork and our internal creative team will collaborate with you on how it can be best reimagined into wallpaper. We’re talking all of the fixings, including determining what colors, grounds, production method and scale work best for your space. We can also help develop patterns based on multiple visual elements to create one cohesive and dynamic design.

Occasionally, depending on the supplied artwork, this process can require a few extra steps to ensure that the vibe is exactly what you’re looking for. So, please contact us to discuss our file guidelines to make sure all is simpatico. If yours don’t fit our specs don’t sweat it; we’ll figure it out together. We can also provide a mockup for digital designs, and are happy to create a digital printed proof or handscreened strike-off upon request.

We’re excited to see what you have in mind! Please email [email protected] to get rolling.