Island Nightlife Installation

EZ Papes Installation Time Lapse

February 10, 2015

Here at FP people are always asking us about the installation process—luckily, now we can show them. In this time-lapse video, Mitchell Urlich and his team makes the installation of Boone Speed’s Island Nightlife look seamless and easy, and the result is a serious transformation from the bare walls it replaces. Now, these homeowners can stay toasty inside this winter and still feel like they’re in those warmer nights atop the Wythe roof.

The material installed in this job is our new pre pasted material and it’s ideal for temporary projects and spaces—hello, New York renters! This paper is PVC-free, ultra smooth, and water strippable for easy removal. While the larger sheets can take a trained hand to install, when sold in our pre-trimmed and pre-pasted rolls (check out all our EZ Papes) it can easily be a DIY project.

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