Flavor Paper at The New York School of Interior Design Exhibit

NYSID Gallery

September 20, 2018

September 13th through November 10th, The New York School of Interior Design is presenting 1:1 / drawing for design and interiors and we are delighted to have our Ladies paper, designed by Katie Stout, featured. This exhibition explores the importance of drawing in design and interior decoration. It was organized and designed by Darling Green, a collaborative curatorial and design practice, in association with consulting design historian Judith Gura. Aside from being placed by some of the historical greats like William Morris, we were also excited to see some innovative concepts. The “Botsy” which is a device that draws vector images automatically, is affixed to the wall that showcases the sign for the exhibition. As the show goes on, the drawing the Botsy creates becomes more and more complex and the evolution is endlessly fun to watch.


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