Cooper-hewitt National Design Journal

March 31, 2008

Cooper-Hewitt announces the addition of Flavor Paper's City Park to it's wallpaper collection. We’re in the Smithsonian!!

Their explanation of City Park's reasons for its inclusion read as follows:

"City Park uses the traditional damask-style format with a little twist. Damask wallpapers are usually quite formal and have historically been reserved for a home’s better rooms. Polished or satin ground colors were frequently used to increase the glamour and textile-like quality. Flavor Paper has exploited this format, incorporating iconography familiar to all city dwellers, including fire hydrants, parking meters, pigeons, and even rats. This dichotomy between formal elegance and mundane street level adds to the strength of the work.”

They also added Cherry Forever due to it’s uniqueness as a scratch & sniff wallpaper. Flavor Paper is sweetening the scent of the Smithsonian and loving it.

Congrats to designers Dan Funderburgh and Michael Angelo as well!


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