A Toast To Tom

Cool Hunting

November 13, 2020

2020 isn’t a total bust…there are a few moments to toast, like the centenary of our boy Touko Valio Laaksonen (a.k.a. Tom of Finland). Thanks to the cool crew over at Cool Hunting, the homoerotic fetish art legend is having his day with a fresh feature on his work, home, collaborations, Foundation, and the enormous effect he had on late twentieth century gay culture and the impact he carries today. The article is totally worth the read, and we’re not just saying that because the wallpaper we conceived with the Foundation, Michael Reynolds and Hoffman Creative is up in the mix. But, it is, and we appreciate the love. Just in case you’d like to extend the celebration to all day, every day, our bold and ballsy digital tribute to TOF is available in both Tame and XXX Flavors, with multiple colorways and grounds offered—including our pre-pasted, water-activated DIY EZ Papes for an easy installation and removal. Cheers for the ride, Tom!      


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