The Origins of Flavor

Founded on the Oregon coast by a guy named Ted, this small handscreened wallpaper company flourished in the Age of Aquarius.

Many years later, some young designers seeking striking wallcoverings discovered Ted‘s greatness – just days before the designs and equipment were to be destroyed. Knowing what had to be done, they headed west to save Ted’s legacy.

Relocated to the Bywater District of New Orleans in 2003, Flavor Paper continued to print using Ted’s traditional printing methods and vacuum table, but with greatly increased accuracy and detail.

The Flavor Lair is now located in the Boerum Hill section of Brooklyn (where we've called home since 2009) and houses our design and screen printing studios, as well as showroom. Two re-engineered versions of Ted’s original table are the centerpiece of the Flavor Kitchen and the backbone of our wallpaper printing operation. To support our handscreened printing process, the Kitchen houses a darkroom, screen etching equipment, and an ink room where we custom mix all of our colors. Printing becomes street art as the front windows allow pedestrians to watch the process happen in the massive overhead mirrors.

The Flavor Paper showroom is located on the second floor and offers clients an unparalleled way to view and immerse themselves in the bespoke offerings that make Flavor Paper so unique. We pour our heart and soul into creating the best experience possible for the fans of Flavor and anyone interested in exploring what's possible in the world of wallpaper should come check us out!

We also opened up a digital wallcovering Kitchen at Industry City in Brooklyn in 2017, which allowed us to expand our creativity beyond repeating pattern work. Huge scale murals, amazing photography, and fast-turn custom work are now pushing the definition of what wall art can be at Flavor Paper. And, as a result, demand for our digital capabilities and designs boomed so much so that today we now partner with an outside production house to ensure that this magic is brought to life in a more expeditious time frame to better satisfy our clients’ cravings. But, rest assured that the Flavor – from quality and craftsmanship, to vibe – is as tasty as it ever was!               

To see samples of fine handscreened wallpaper designed in Ted’s days or fresh Flavor from the next generation of Flavor Paper designers, visit us at the Lair!