The Capitol Theater

Port Chester, NY


The Capitol Theater opened in 1926, the same year the Flavor Lair building was built, and similarly went through a major overhaul recently with Pete Shapiro of Wetlands and Brooklyn Bowl fame at the helm. Pete hired Tristam Steinberg to rock out the interiors with a strict black, gold and red palette. In order to add some oomph to the grand lobby you encounter before entering the amazing performance space, Tristam asked Jon Sherman to come up with a unique design that spoke to the psychedelic history of the Cap Theater. A pattern that read well from afar yet beckoned the concertgoer in deeper to really experience the pattern details was a major directive in the overall design. Once a scale and mandala pattern had been determined Jon went to work on adding bits of intrigue and history that built up the incredible details that fill out the pattern. The main lobby Flavor Paper was printed with a special invisible ink overlay, so when hit with black lights a secondary pattern rises to the forefront – a first in wallpaper printing. A second version in gold on black was printed for the green rooms. We also created a custom version of Dan Funderburgh’s Moor Flavor guitar pick pattern using the Capitol name in a font that resembles the infamous Fender logo. With incredible sound, lighting, and wallpaper ya just gotta go and check it out. Rock on.

*A new rendition of the rock and roll lace pattern is now available for purchase – Musical Mandala