New York, NY

Occupying a previously vacant four-story penthouse at the summit of one of the oldest surviving skyscrapers in New York City, the SkyHouse project by architect David Hotson and interior designer Ghislaine Viñas is a breathtaking contemporary home in the sky. In fact, it was the 2013 Interior Design Magazine home of the year!

With the imaginative participation of a fully engaged client, Hotson restructured the penthouse into four levels and inserted an eighty-foot long mirror-polished stainless steel slide that sweeps down over bedrooms and through interior windows. Ghislaine Viñas added a number of Flavor Paper installations to create the playful interior she was after. White on silver inverse City Park adds an ethereal feel to the master bedroom while maintaining a bit of humor and visual texture. They thought enough of the design to make a custom headboard incorporating the fire hydrant element from the pattern. Everland is prominently displayed in the guest bedroom, which happens to be one of the funnest rooms in the home due to the large wrap of the stainless steel slide that cuts through the space and reflects the mural along its length. Power Plant was cleverly used as a wrap around a doorway in a bathroom in order to make the space pop, add color, and help tie in the art piece around the corner. The result is a home of vivid contradictions and breathtaking spatial experiences, combining rigor and whimsy, the precise and the playful, the domestic and the surreal.

*some text borrowed from Dwell on Design Tour literature (we participated and let them send hundreds of people through the Flavor Lair, so its only fair)